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The Wholistic Transformation Resource Centre or WTRC is a not for profit organisation based in Manila, Philippines, with a large network of microfinance and development organisations.

WTRC aims to build an awareness of the effectiveness of wholistic and transformational entrepreneurial initiatives combined with poverty alleviation initiatives.

WTRC espouses the belief that it is not sufficient merely to provide for the economic needs of an individual. True transformation would occur only by addressing the needs of the whole person covering all the domains in life.

waterhope delivery

waterhope station 2It provides innovative and creative initiatives addressing the needs brought about by poverty.

WTRC helps development organisations involved in micro enterprise programmes, and seeks, on a global and regional scale, to facilitate the distribution and sharing of information and services needed by the micro enterprise sector.

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Hope for Children is currently supporting WTRC’s Community Water Hope project. This initiative involves the building of water treatment stations in poor communities across the Philippines.

The stations are managed by local NGOs with existing microfinance programs who set up community enterprises to sell the water throughout the local area. Profits from the Community Waterhope Station are invested into community development projects selected by the communities.

Hope for Children have also supported WTRC’s water delivery project, providing clean water to victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in the Panay Region of the Philippines.

waterhope delivery 2