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In Hope for Children’s target areas, our Self Help Groups were established to empower women and their families socially and economically.

Every week, 12-15 women participants meet in their area and discuss different social and economic issues that impact their livelihood.

Self Help Groups

savings and loans about2Each Self Help Group is governed by its own bylaws and rules, that are developed by its members.

They collect between 5 – 10 Ethiopian birr (approximately 20 – 60 cents) each week, from each member.

Over time, both the household income and group savings have increased, and our members have greater access to livelihood related services, credit and market institutional support.

At weekly meetings, members also discuss social issues in their area – including water and sanitation, education, and risky migration.

  “We are very happy. There are a lot of changes we have witnessed already. Hopefully history will be changed in the future. We feel very positive – especially today”.  – A Self Help Group Member