July 2015

Summer Art Workshop

On Wednesday 1 July, two artists from Argentinian NGO Little Big Worlds travelled to Addis Ababa, to host a free art workshop to the children in our Youth Centre.

Little Big World founders, Ivanke and Mey are travelling to 35 countries in 2 years, with their film producer colleague, Sofia, to host free art workshops in every continent. They hope to produce a documentary film about the power of art in childhood, and document the illustrations and paintings produced by children all over the world.

IMG 8047


36 children at the Hope for Children Youth Centre were delighted to be part of their journey.

The workshop kicked off at 9am, and children were shown a short DVD of the artists’ travels in South America and Asia.

The following hours were spent excitedly drawing and colouring self-portraits and super heroes in the Library. Superman, Batman and rainclouds appeared to be the favourite among the children.

The children loved showing off their artwork, and Sofia documented their creations on camera. See some more smiles and pictures on our Facebook page.

A huge thank you to Ivanke, Mey and Sofia for a wonderful workshop!